new call of duty/halo clan looking for members

Devils of Destruction is a serious/recreational call of duty/halo clan. We are a new clan as of now 
we play only two games as of right now halo:reach and Modern Warfare 3 but will have votes for other games such as the new halo and call of duty
We will do GB for both halo:reach and call of duty modern warfare 3.
We have a call of duty elite clan and for founders will do clan operations, lone wolf parties(please no boosting)
for halo we have squads for GB and grifball for those serious grifball players and want to make a name in the sport
as of right now we are not doing tryouts but u must have a .70 K/D in MW3,Halo requires no K/D as of now
we have 7 rank lvls rank 6 is Initations Officer(4 open(2 for MW3)(2 for Reach))more will be appionted as clan grows.
IOs are strictly for recuiting and tryouts.

clan info

Clan Motto: Never give up,Never surrender,Bring hell and wreak the battlefield
Clan website(please remember this is a new clan so site is still being worked on):

Join now for a high rank of even a IO position

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