New Avatar Picture Backgrounds.

They really should give us some new ones. Hopefully with the update this fall or something, the ones now are kinda boring and over used.


I think it would be kinda cool if you could maybe buy them like gamer pictures like maybe pay 80 points and get a pack of them like you would a picture pack.


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1$ for a background for your gamerpic?


What else are people willing to waste their money on?!?

Where did you get $15 from?

Definately a good idea, I mean if you don't want them, you don't have to pay, but for the people that do they'd be very handy

That would be pretty rad, I would actually use Avatar Pics more often. The current one is the first time i've really used one in a while haha and tried to select the background the not so many people use. Would be great to be able to buy some. Possibly game themed ones or something.


And to the people complaining asking why people would buy them, people buy gamer picture packs its the same thing! Most are around 80 points but some of the more popular ones are actually 120 points and they still sell well. If you dont want them dont buy them :)