New Armour with CEA?

I have a question, My friends where just telling me afew minutes ago the The Halo remake will also include new armour for Halo: Reach.

Anyone know if this is true or where they messing with me :c?


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I haven't heard anything about new armor. I'm 99% sure there won't be any.

I do believe this belongs in the CEA forum, but anyway, nothing has been confirmed. There is supposedly an easter egg on the remade version of Beaver Creek which includes the mythic GRD helmet, but again, 343 has not officially confirmed there will be new armor added.


I believe at Halo Fest they said they *WANTED* to, but didn't have the time to include it with CEA. Whether that was true, or if that means they might implement new armor later is uncertain. But as of this point in time, it's safe to assume that no new armor will be released with CEA.

Oh I see.. My mistake I assumed since i was asking about CEA effecting Reach It'd have a better fit in thiese forums.

And thanks for the fast replys! Now i know they where just pulling my leg.. T.T

I do believe it belongs here since it could "affect" halo reach since the armor will be usable on reach's matchmaking :P

and as the others have already said I havent heard of any news of new armor on CEA, t would be cool

They were probably just passing on rumours as truth rather than intentionally pulling your leg, given how many people believe rumours like this, but while possible it is very unlikely, as Noble has said.