New Armor??

 Hey, I'm new to the forums and everything however I love Halo and Reach of course which brings me to this forum post.

When (if so) will Bungie release news or anything about new armor? Or at all?

I have seen those IGN images of that weird helmet, but they said that would be included with Defiant.... and it wasn't.

So I am just looking to see if anyone had any good news about this is or anything to come.

Thanks guys!


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They can only add more armor if it's already on the disk, but locked. It's theorized that if you kill all the BOBs in campaign you get a hidden achievement and unlock the helmet. I suggest you visit the Bungie.Net forums and search "BOB helmet"



the ottoman empire? who would want to quote them? that empire kinda went downhill a few hundred years ago....

Bungie will not be releasing anything in Halo Reach due to the fact they signed over their rights of Halo to 343 Industries. But I wouldn't be surprised if they would have thought of something along the way.