**New Armor Confirmed!**

Somehow there is a hidden helmet on the disc... I have no idea how any of the modders and hackers haven't found it. Confirmed by bs Angel (Basically the new Frankie/Urk for 343i's) to be ON THE DISC. So that means it's encoded on to all the maps and will be usable everywhere. Makes you wonder how they've kept this hidden so long... And it also confirms that a hidden ending may still be in there somewhere. Looks like hackers in the gaming community aren't as good as they think!


I must say it looks freaking BA as well. Here's a pic of it along with the comparison to Marathons helmet - Link


Now in regards to how it's unlocked, 343i's is holding the keys to that one. Along with the Helmet, there is a rumored Chest piece but I haven't seen pictures of it just yet.


Here's bs Angel's comment about the armor... Read a little bit down and you can see it - Link


I whole heartedly believe this will be a Halofest related event at the end of August or so. Along with that, the details for the Title Update will be released then too. It's also rumored that the helmet will be included in the Title Update and will unlock it. 343i's has also said we'll have to work for it so a Community Challenge will be in order!


I don't know about you guys, but more content would be nice. Let's get another set of Forgetacular maps going! Along with that, we desperately need another Forge World. It's not anywhere near a huge issue, as I love the maps that have been added (Abridged is a personal favorite. The epitome of what Big Team Battle should be... lots of vehicles/power weapons. All out war!)




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Helmet looks nice, and a Community Challenge sounds fun.

Thanks for the post.

That's a freaky helmet, probably wouldn't use it anyways.

I could care less about a new forge world, I barely forge as is.

The new Forge World isn't for forging ourselves... It's playing on the maps the community makes that we get for free. I love basically all the maps (Well, maybe not Wayont so much) and it adds variety to the matchmaking.

Yeah I forgot about that, I do love community maps.

community challenge? like the Vidmaster ones? that would be awesome if it were the case

i hope they set it up like the halo3/halo3odst vidmasters where we have to get 7 of them across two games (reach and halo CE)

Whatever it is, I'm very excited for Halofest this year. Some juicy details should be released about Halo 4 and Halo Anniversary, along with details about the Title Update and the new armor. There's also a video of Frank O'Connor stuttering through a question about new armor for Halo: Reach. He basically just starts laughing at himself for it!


There's also a rumor going around that new armor DLC may be possible, regardless if it's on the disc or not. Maybe they found a way to get new armor on to the maps!?

I saw that thread the day it was posted back in February, but that comment hardly confrims anything. In your eyes, maybe. But to me, confirmation would be "there is a hidden hemlet locked on the game disc, but you'll have to find it". All she said was that it wouldn't be a mystery if she told us the truth about it. That could mean that it ISN'T going to be released, but if she told us then we'd have nothing to speculate about.


In all honesty, I still wouldn't get my hopes up for new armor. This could still very well support the theory that 343 added that helmet into the coding for the Defiant maps, and thus wouldn't be compatible with other maps. That little sarcastic comment she posted doesn't confirm anything to me. We won't know until August though. I do believe that August 2nd is the day where 343 gets 100% control of the game and franchise (according to Bungie's "Per Audacia Ad Astra" farewell post from yesterday).

I want my Rouge helmet back Bung- er 344!


Or my Katan, either one.

Eeeh I don't like the helmet =/

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