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Hey everyone, posting this here because its been forever since Ive seen the forums and everything is different so why not! Anyways I really haven't seen much discussion about this so I just wanted to know whats the deal with these new eco-friendly cases? They have been cracking disks because they decided to *** up the little thingy in the middle that pops the game disc in and out of the cases (Its either putting pressure on the disk or the grips are just very rigid). And before you ask yes I'm doing it right and I take great care of my games. They are really getting on my nerves because they've cracked 3 of my games now in the plastic center part before I even noticed. It's not to the point where they are unplayable but its only a matter of time. I'm really thinking about just buying a big cd folder thing. So are they planning on fixing these? Would they even replace my games? Probably not...


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You mean the new console cracks the disks?

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You mean the new console cracks the disks?


I think he is referring to the Xbox 360 game cases. The area that houses the disc in the case itself is different than it use to be, and it can be a bit more difficult to pop the disc out of the case. OP, I would advise you to get a folder for your discs if you're having trouble getting the disc out. I know a lot of people that use a CD folder, and they don't have nearly as many cracked discs.


As for if Microsoft plans to change the case design, it's unknown. They could, and they could also keep it the same. And no, they will not replace your discs for you.

The publisher also chooses the type of case that the game goes in so blame them.

lol, I read that wrong.   It's all good, I'm ok now.  :P

Yes, I have to agree the thing does have a death grip on your games...I dang near broke my ncaa football in half taking it out of the case on release day....      Going off of COVERT AFFAIRS post, I wonder if its done on purpose .....Hmmmm   : o

Yeah, the new game cases tend to break the discs more easily, but you just need to be extra careful with them.

As a side note, it's nice to see some of the moderators being involved in some of the discussions.

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I can't say I've ever broken a game, or DVD, getting it out of a case, ever. Maybe you should just have a little more caution removing the disc from the case? If it's really a big problem for you then just use a CD/DVD folder as others have suggested, or even a different box?

I have never in my life broke a game because of the case. So I think some people just need to be more careful.

The only game I can think of that caused it to crack or break because of the maker was halo 3 the limited edition everyone with that edition had their discs destroyed by the box haha