Never Received My Free Fall Code?!?!

I researched this and found that I should have received an email with the code but I never received that email.

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A lot of people didn't. But really don't worry about it because it's only available in one playlist that no one plays, the map is terrible, and it will soon be free for everyone to download soon.

Yeah I realized that, but still sucks that they didnt just give it away free already. When I play online with my friends it always says I dont have the map to play.

What's the one game mode that it's in?  I haven't seen the map yet and I've had the game since day 1.

I believe it was ghost something. The playlist is gone now though.

moshpit was the mode

lost digital mail is hard to find.........

Got it,


i bought the game as god on 360, but i never get the code. now on x1 the game told me that ican download freefallmap. if i now press yes, the store opens the site with the content, but i cant download it. wtf i pay over 80€ for the game and now i have no addon.  the support will do nothing. sorry for my english

It's works for me. :)