never played saints row, tell me about it.

Ok so i've never played any of the 3 games, i haven't even seen any videos or trailers on them, so whats it about, whats it like and why should i buy it?


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You should only buy it if you've played and love the first and second.

its just a crazy fun ride. may wanna play 1 of the earlier ones before buying.Its one of my favorite series.

Have you played GTA San Andreas? It's like that but even crazier.

The Saints Row series was the first sandbox style game on the Xbox 360 (First released in 2006 with loads of acclaim, with the second released in 2008 with greater success). Set in the fictional city of Stilwater, The first Saints Row detailed the protaganist's rise from average civillian to a successful gang leader. The second showed the same character in the same city some time after the events of the first game, going about rebuilding not just their gang, but also the start of what will become a international enterprise (in the city of Steelport in Saints Row The Third).


The gameplay is standard sandbox game style, but more exaggerated and over the top. Multiple side activities like Escort, Snatch, FUZZ, Heli Assault etc, there's plenty to keep one interested. Also, in Saints Row 2, completion of these activities can unlock rewards like the Kobra (Fully automatic pistol with laser sight), Annihilator (Laser guided RPG) as well as infinite ammo for your weapons (So no need to use cheats to get them... just play the game and you'll unlock them). The first game has a indie style soundtrack, with some memorable songs. The second on the otherhand with a bigger budget I'm guessing, had expanded on the ingame soundtrack substantially.


With actors like Keith David, Eliza Dushku, Tera Patrick, Michael Dorn, Michael Rappaport, Tia Carrere, Mila Kunis and Daniel Dae Kim (just to name a few from the first two games), providing voices to some of the main characters, the Saints Row series while unashamedly a clone of the GTA series, has proven to be a financial winfall for Volition.


The multiplayer in the first game is generally accepted as being superior to the second game, however the second does boost the ability to have a friend join you for co-op fun. The third game, has been confirmed by Voltion to have no multiplayer mode, only singleplayer and co-op, which personally speaking, I think is a good thing.


As of the 1st of November, the first 'demo' for Saints Row The Third is available for free download on Xbox Live (I'm also assuming it's also available for free download on Steam and the PSN) called 'Saints Row The Third Initation Station'. It's a character creation mode, available in all three games (Something similar to this was released a few weeks before Dragon Age: Origins release, only for PC though), so you can create your character in Saints Row The Third now, upload it to Volition's servers and when the game is released on November 15th, you can download your character to play in the game. Currently the Initiation Station has 80% of the customization from the full game, and after having used it myself (created 4 different characters), all it's done is made me more anxious for this game and currently counting down how many days til it's release (yes, I'm that sad lol).

^ The character creation in this one looks amazing so far. You can make virtually anybody lol. I was just messing around with it earlier, creating characters from other games e.t.c. I spent like half an hour making an Agent 47 lookalike and he looked exactly like the real deal. The only thing that was off was the lack of the thin gold diagonal stripes on his tie lol.

cheers death head and all the others that have replied that was a great help.

will buy the series eventually but have skyrim coming in a week so thats going to take all my time for a while

but will defo get this when i'm ready

Saints Row 1

3rd Street Saints

A guy named Julius is uniting the people of saints row.(it's a place in Stillwater SR1 SR2 city of sin) Right now he claims that all he wants is for the other gangs to leave his neighborhood alone...people say he's a reluctant leader this guy knows what he's doing. You need to take out the three gangs The carnals, westsiderollerz and the vice kings i'm not going to talk about the epilogue.

Saints Row 2

You start in prison but no on stays in there right?

You escape with carlos and when you get back on Stillwater and Ultor has renovated Saints Row so you find Johnny is at court you get him out safely and find a hideout as soon as you found the hideout you go to stillwater caverns and meet the leader of a gang called the Brotherhood the Ronin and the Sons of Samidi and again im not going to ruin the epilogue