Never Played a Battlefield Game Before

Hey everyone. As the title suggests, I have never played a Battlefield game before. The most I've ever played was a demo for Bad Company. I'm not familiar with the mechanics of the game, so I have one question. Should I play campaign first to get a feel for it, or is jumping into multiplayer the best way to get acquainted?


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Mp on bf has a learning curve.  SP can get you familiar with the controls and movement but keep in mind the game is having issues saving your progress.  If you go into MP, try tdm.  It is a good way to get used to the games hit detection, classes and pace.  Feel free to send a FR, I will team up and give some support if you need it.  Just dont get discouraged,  it will take some time.

Like Yo said, there's a learning curve. Tackling the campaign first will help with some of the basics, but MP "trial by fire" is the only way to really learn and understand the game. There'll be a lot of dying, a lot of cussing and a lot of frustration, but the payoff is pure enjoyment once you finally "get it". To echo Yo Defs comment, Just don't get discouraged, it will take some time... keep pluggin away it.

I was never an FPS fan, never really any good and got put off easily. BF3/BF4 though are different, even if I die a fair bit I still can see Myself quite high at the end of a round of conquest due to scoring a lot of points. My K/D hovers around the 1.00 area so I'm not that great but I still do ok and have a ton of fun.

Yeah Goat, that's what I like about BF, I've had rounds where I went 9-2 and score 1200 pts and others where I am 5-11 and have 5500 pts.  My K/D is hovering a tad above 1 but I pay more attention to my W/L which is below 50% so.....

I'm in the same boat as noble. this is my first battlefield game and there is a lot to learn.  Is the some sort of battlefield for dummies webpage or video to explain everything

First, what type of class do you think you'd prefer? 

Assault- Revive down teammates, provide health packs, this class IMO is most versatile.  Also realize when using this class, you 'should' be front lines.

Engineer (my Fave)- Anti-Vehicle, repair vehicle.  you can carry launchers, both lock-on and non-lock.  Mines, repair torch.  This class is good for taking out those pesky enemy vehicles to then allow your team to advance onto an objective.

Support- Provide ammo to teammates, support fire.  This class is my least played but if used as intended, it can alter the match in your teams favor, really useful in choke point type maps.

Recon- Sniper, long-range support.  Also one of my less played classes but some players who utilize this class correctly, can offer great assistance.

As for gamemodes, you have-

TDM- Self explanatory, good for getting the grasp of the games cntrols and style of play, not much else IMO.

Conquest- 2 teams battle for flags, each team is allotted 'x' amount of tickets.  Capping flags and holding them longer will deplete the enemy team of tickets, also getting kills will subtracts tickets.  Flags vary by number depending on the map.

Rush- One team defends, the other attacks.  Defending team has 2 M-Com stations that they protect while the enemy team attacks, the attacking team has 'x' amount of lives/tickets, 75 I believe.  Deplete these tickets as defenders, you win.  If attacking team plants the bombs and destoys the M-Com stations, your team regroups at a further pushed back area and attackers get 75 tickets again to repeat the process, this time at different M-com stations in a different location. There are usually a few sets of these M-com stations before your team loses if they do not deplete enemy tickets.

The other modes you will have to google/play because I haven't really played those, I do know they are smaller scale warfare, not my cup of tea.  Find your preferred game mode and class or classes and enjoy!

HC obliteration-ok... dont get killed-oh wait ok ok now dont get killed-oooh... ok ready... dont get kil.. haha

All I have to say is just have fun playing the game. No battle is the same and the different modes is cool. Most of all everyone has their own preference of how they tackle the challenge at had wether it be tactical with friends or run and gun on your own. I just got a Xbox One and this is the only game I have and I'm really enjoying it. Best of luck to you.

A good tip for bf4 games compared to other fps is DO NOT spray and pray..

Although you will get away with it on other well known games you WONT on bf4.

Keep your gun on auto but just bust fire at people to keep the aim in.

That's probably the best advice I could give.

Also probably best to aim for centre of the chest so when the gun rises from the recoil  it tracks up to a headshot. 

(Ala counter strike style)

Here is my tip for beginners. Pick the Assault or Engineer class. These are the easiest weapons to master. I'm not sure why newcomers gravitate toward Recon and Support, but you will never become any better at the game using either one of these classes.

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