never give up

i was going super negative last night in ground war but then i hijacked a helicopter and went on a spree with my mp7 and went super positive. just do NOT give up even with how random this game is. topic.


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killed 4 times at the start of a game, all from lagged showdowns = rage quit

I usually start like 0-15 and end up 33-37, whatever. Its a game and I like blowing peoples faces off.

I hate giving up. Good for you for sticking with it.

Quitting is for nubs.

If getting pwnd, take a deep breath, re-evaluate your weapon class, enemy play and the map you're on, slow down and focus.  I only quit if I get thrown into some ridiculous 55 - 15 game or the game is just a crazy lag fest at beginning.

I'm always pulling it back, i'll go 0-4 at the start of a match then i'll turn it round and finnish 27-8 or something l33t like that

I have a rule: If I do worse than 0-9, I leave the game.

Started out two years ago in MW2... we were playing ground war, everyone doing alright, except one of my friends. I checked the leaderboard occasionally and saw his score steadily get worse, from 0-2 to 0-5...


Eventually we got on the topic of the game in the xbox live party chat, and someone casually remarked that my friend was 0-9. He said "No I'm not." I looked at the board, he was.

"Dude, check the leaderboard."

There was a silence for about three seconds and then he just screamed, "I'M 0 AND 9!!!"

The entire party burst out laughing, and now that K/D is forever known as the worst ever...