Never finished the whole story

So, I logged well over 200 hours into Oblivion.  But, never finished the main story line.  Its been so long since ive played, I am thinking about firing up a new game and blazing through the main story, just to see the ending.  I'd like to finish this off before Skryim comes out.  

If I just stick to the main story, how long would it take to get through?  


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If you just rushed through the main quest you could probably do it in a few hours.

Although never tried rushing though myself as part of the fun is taking your time

Well, if you just want to reach the ending, then yeah, a few hours. But like Malacath said, half the fun is taking your time :)

I'm glad to hear your going to replay, and finish the Main Quest. If you take your time it should take you maybe around 8 hours or so. If you rush... (Which I don't recommend) it can take anywhere from 15 mins to 5 hours lol. Youtube Oblivion Speedrun for more details on that.