Never Die Alone

Has anyone else bought the new Zombie Apocalypse game?

Its great! actually has A story and actual roaming levels, even better than the original and I loved the first one.

They definitely kicked up the difficulty so im looking for some co-op buddys for this game. Hit me up!


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The first one was very fun, gonna check out this sequel.

The first one was a lot more fun.

They just made this one way to hard, its just stressful.

I'll probably check some vids out, I hope I never die alone. :x

I enjoyed the first one. Forgot there was a sequel coming out. I'll check out the trial.

After playing the game quite a bit more now, i'll still say its a really fun sequel if you liked the first your sure to like this one but  you guys are in for one hell of a challange especially if you plan to play single player.. You no longer have a set number of lives like in the first one, once you go down your dead. You have a short chance to be revived, but the idiot friendly AI wont revive you!! In fact they will stand right on top of you and do nothing. Also if you all die its game over. The really nice "continue" option from the first that helped get you through the tough parts of the game is not in this one. If you die you start all the way over >.<

Im hoping they do a patch for the friendly AI or something, they wont revive you plus when it gets tough they all go down first.