Never again

I am never playing in a game where the other team is full of players from Taiwan ever again. Their entire team was back camping us on Nelson Bay and my entire team was letting them because they were all sniping from the back of our spwan. I was the only person trying to actually get out of our base, but every direction I tried I kept running into 2-4 of the enemy right in the back of our spawn. I would manage to kill one or 2 of them before their buddy would kill me.


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whenever i join a game and there's players from japan/taiwan etc, there always seems to be even more wookies than normal :/

dood the jpn guys are fun to play with. If they're on your team that is. I picked up a lot of stuff from them in Conquest. usually they will have 1-2 recon per squad and try to keep a team at the middle flag and then the other 3 at the forward base if they have all 3. There's motion sensors going everywhere around that forward base, and really very few of them actually use the recon kit to "snipe" mostly just type 88/svu/vss/G3 or M14.

It's a sight to see when you look around a flag and see 5-6 motion sensors going off around 1 flag in near perfect quadrants.

Thats when i do some team killing them dam bush wookies....

In was in a rush game last night and the Japanese guys were cheating, my team had them held when the mole player on our team who had been running the vads gun and who never seemed to hit the hovering helicopter, started putting C4 on the last MCOM when we only had less than 20 tickets left, the fool blew up the MCOM taking negative points, then after checking the score it was confirmed he was friends with three other players on the other team and they had a coordinated cheating going on, as they must have had a chat party and reveling where we were. Eventually we had to find the Mole and part of our team switched sides and performed a Kill Revive fest on the cheating culprit.

Eventually we just had to leave at start a new game round on another map