Network Timeout/Excessive Latency

My friend and I were playing online on Tuesday night in Madden 25 and we got kicked off. My side said it was a network timeout. On his end, it told him I was booted for "Excessive Grievance." 

He looked it up and said it had to do with lag time on my end. So I ran a speed test and had the following:

Ping: 10ms
DL Speed: 28.87 Mbps
UL Speed: 5.82 Mbps

I have Comcast Internet (and they were out the day before and my signal was excellent).  I have the R2D2 Xbox with built in WiFi.  I do have a wireless router hooked up to the Cable modem which is in a different room.  I have no way of hooking up the cable modem directly to the Xbox. 

The WiFi is secured and password protected.  This cannot be anything on my end. 

My friend did a speed test (he has AT&T)

20ms latency

DL: 11.4 Mbps  

UL:1.3 Mbps

I'm at a loss. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Apparently I'm the only one experiencing this since no one replied...

It's a known issue on the Madden side.

I'm having the exact same problem as well. Every single time I play, I get kicked out of my game with either one of these two error messages:

1. "You have been removed from the game due to a network timeout."


2. "You've been removed due to excessive grieving"

I can't put into words how extremely frustrating this is, especially when your try contacting Xbox support and they then make you go through all of this "BS" troubleshooting nonsense, only to tell you at the very end that you need to contact your ISP for further assistance.

I'm currently w/ Comcast and have a Zoom modem/router combo. I've called my ISP about a hundred times, they've even sent technicians to my home to check if there are any issues with the lines coming into my home and everything always checks out fine, I've even gone a head and tried a brand new modem/router combo to see if that would fix the problem and no such luck whatsoever. My UL and DL speeds are fine....I average about 28Mbps DL and approximately  5.5 Mbps UL speeds and that's pretty consistent.

I've also tried all of those other "port forwarding" suggestions as well and nothing seems to work.

When doing a search on Google, I've come to find out that many other players are also experiencing the exact same problem as well. From what I've been reading, it looks like there's some sort of incompatibility issue w/ Madden and today's newer modems.

EA Sports/Madden or Xbox need to come up w/ some sort of software patch to fix this problem, it's extremely frustrating to be having such a horrible user experience with such a popular game franchise like Madden, especially when it's the ONLY game that I have consistently played since its release in the 80s.

Do they offer any suggestions on fixing it?