Nether Problem..

Ok, so I finally built a Nether Portal in my world, I transport to it and I enter the nether. Great! Problem....All I see is Nether Rock. NOTHING else, no glowstone, no monsters (Not on peaceful), nothing! I mined about over 100 blocks in one direction, just more nether rock! Nothing! 100 blocks in another direction....and nothing! Dug about 20-30 down, nothing! Everywhere I dig its just more nether rock lol.

Am I just in a giant nether rock square or what lol? I even used TNT, got rid of a lot of nether rock but guess what? MORE!

Lol has anyone else experienced this? I'm currently waiting for my friends rescue because my portal broke and I dont have a flint and steel. So though I would ask you guys this while I wait..


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Build the portal somewhere else far from where the original was (after you get rescued). Btw is original portal far underground?

Well I tried digging more and I hit bedrock? Lol what the heck!?

Try building another portal.

I recommend to not go in a portal to another dimension you have no idea what to do and where to go, without bringing obsidian and a diamond pickaxe with flint and steel to...... make a portal back to where u were??

P.S. don't break the first one you created

I had exactly the same, in the end I chopped down the original portal went to an entirely different area and rebuilt which cured the problem.

Oh I did try to just create a second portal first but that didn't work - it just took me to the original area.

I wouldn't go doing this until you are back in your real land though.