I just received my new shiny Xbox One and went to try the Netflix in here.. Get the image all blurried!! I don't know whats happening, because I get HD quality on all my other devices!

And where can i check the streaming quality on Xbox One? I pushed all the buttons and i can't find it anywhere!!!

Can someone help??


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Same issue with the 360, ever since the update I can't get a good stream. Used to get a GREAT stream. Nothing changed but their own update. I'm not sure if its the same for the One but to check for pic quality on the 360 you click the right stick and it displays in tiny letters on the upper left corner of the screen. Since the update I can't read the numbers (they are TOO far over to the left and actually start off-screen....who the F tested this app!!! My god there are so  many little things wrong with it besides the big stuff, its just sloppy) but I can see the part where it says "SD". I have a monster sized connetion, should EASILY stream in HD. Like you, all my other devices will stream max everything all the time in Netflix or anywhere you can stream music or movies or whatnot. A lot of people complaining in other threads say that when they contact Microsoft they play the blame game and say it's Netflix's issue, Netflix blames MS. It's obviously a MS issue though as everyone can take the same Netflix account to any other device and get the max stream that a particular title allows for.

I'm having the same issues. Rather disappointing to be honest. I have an Xbox One with a 80mbps download, 35mbps upload Verizon FIOS connection and get an awful, SD quality connection when watching Netflix. When I use Apple TV in our home I get consistent Super HD quality video that is very crisp and clean. What's going on Microsoft?  I want my Xbox One to be an all in one device and would love to get rid of my Apple TV. I know this is still a new product but at least tell us when you expect things to get better.

Loyal Xbox customer since the launch of the first console.

Xbox One owner here and I'm in the same boat, netflix picture quality is sub-SD quality. when watching animation all the lines are jagged and the picture is blurry and choppy. I tried the amazon instant app it plays fine.

I've tried using the netflix app on my samsung tv and it works fine. at this point it's completely on Microsoft to get an update out that addresses this. It's disappointing as I subscribe to Xbox live gold almost exclusively for streaming and other services. I just don't play online games very much.

any word on when this will be addressed? I understand it's a new system and we gotta work the kinks out, but if we could get an ETA that would help

I'm having the same problem with quality on my Xbox one. Have a 1080p HDTV, using HDMI, have super nice internet connection, but the quality on Netflix is horrid. Every 5 minutes it stops to buffer too. Can't even watch something without adding an extra 30 minutes of buffering time through out the show. A new update that fixed this problem would be awesome.

I am having the same issue as you all with both the 360 and the one now. When I use another app such as Fox or Amazon HD is not an issue. Going back to a PS3 to test for streaming purposes will update later.

I'm having the same issue.  I contacted xbox live tech support.  They had me uninstall and reinstall and a few other things. Nothing worked.  They sent the problem up to tier 2 support.  Didn't get a call back from Tier 2...I got an email from someone named Geoff stating I should try uninstalling and reinstalling the Netflix app.  Then he patted himself on the back by saying he was so happy he could help me solve the problem.  Hands down WORST tech support I have ever received anywhere.  Way to go Microsoft.  Oh btw...Netflix streams in HD just fine on my PS3, Apple TV, and iPad.  I was on the fence between the xbox one and PS4.  MS just made that decision simple.  

I have had the same issues. I will get... what I can only describe as a surging picture quality. It will consistently go from HD to SD and back to HD again. I have a Roku. Hooked it up next to the xbox. No issues. Same quality issues with Amazon Instant Video. It's a streaming issue period. We are in need of a software upgrade.


I have the exact same issues and am getting pretty pissed.  Im beyond the 30 day return now so im stuck with this, so MS better get a fix on this ASAP!  I been searching the web and no mention of anything regarding this from MS.  really really unhappy and annoyed

Same issue here, on both 360 and One - connected via gigabit CAT6 to my router with 60mbps+ Comcast connection. Netflix rarely ever improves past pixelated SD quality, and never seems to make it to proper, crisp HD streaming.

I've noticed the same issue as well. Quality most the time is crap and rarely gets above SD quality. I'm connected via Cat5e to my gigabit router with 25mbps+ Comcast Internet service.  

I also have a HTPC running Windows Media Center for Live TV / DVR and I don't have the same quality issues streaming Netflix from the HTPC that I do with the XBox One.

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