Netflix not HD in evenings

For the last few days Netflix on the xbox app has not been streaming in HD In the evenings. I usually get 2 bars maximum.


I have a 75meg download speed and am using Ethernet so my connection is not at fault.


I've contacted Netflix and they say my ISP throttles streaming. So I checked with my ISP which is BT Infinity and they don't throttle anything.


I've just checked the ps3 and am getting super HD on that so can't see it being a throttling issue.


So is anyone else in the UK having problems with the xbox app for Netflix in the evenings?


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Same here. I get one or two bars max. All other devices stream HD and my internet speed is getting 15 mbs. Occasionally something will play in HD and it will stay like that for the duration of the show, but may not stream HD when it loads the next episode. If set the stream speed to the highest setting on I've reset reset my modem, reinstalled netflix, changed router and every normal troubleshoot. Netflix was no help. I chatted with them and they sent me a link to a useless page about resetting my modem. I think this is a bug on Netlix end and need to fix it.

Having the same issue, but it doesnt happen every time. Sometimes it works perfect. The weird thing is that when the HD streaming doesnt work, my Kinect also does not work. Cant use voice commands at all when this happens. Definitely a bug.

The issue is that xbox apps suck. Plain and simple. The last episode of Fringe had blue squares flashing all over the place on xbox. But on my Roku box and PC it was crystal clear.