Netflix Layout. Horrible

I'm just posting this to vent.

The latest change to the Netflix app is horrible.

Maybe it's just me, but the layout just feels awkward.  


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Last updated July 4, 2018 Views 3 Applies to: gets worse and worse.  Something is definitely messed up with it now looks like it's zoomed in and cropped on my screen..  

I like it!

Me and my girlfriend like it. They were trying to have a layout like the Playstation, which looks pretty dang sweet. The new keyboard is so much better. The old one was terribad.

What does Netflix have to do with Xbox games?

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What does Netflix have to do with Xbox games?


+10 ^This

Well your Xbox has a Netflix app, so why wouldn't it be relevant?  I don't see the problem.  

There's a section for discussion for the Netflix app, so that's probably why.

Anyways, I stopped using Netflix about a year or two ago, and it was getting worse back then, I can only imagine how bad it is now.