Netflix keeps disconnecting

While streaming Tv shows on Netflix, we get disconnected from Xbox Live, then have to sign back in to resume watching the show.  This happens every time we use the App, and it started about a month ago.  Sometimes, during a 1 hr show, it happens once to twice, while other time I happens five or six times. 

It disconnects us and tells us to upgrade to Gold, which we already have so we ignore.  We then have to sign back in and navigate to the show we were watching.  But it does resume the show where it was left off, which is nice.

I've tried disconnecting everything, modem, router, Xbox, and nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?  Should i delete the app and try again? 





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I got the same thing happening on mine too on the Xbox One

I have the same problem. For $500 you'd expect the apps to work properly lol. Or maybe our connections are crummy  :\

If you still have a 360 for some reason it works better.

This occasionally happens to me on the 360 too, it boots me from XBL. I mainly have trouble though when I leave it sitting on the catalog for a while, it will just boot me from XBL for no reason and ask me to sign in with a gold account. This has been an issue for a while now and happens quite often with the catalog.

This is the only game/app that does this and I have reset my modem and router and restarted my console just for it to happen again.

Just happened again! It was sitting at the catalog for a few minutes while I was typing my previous post and it booted me from XBL for no good reason.


I've been facing this issue for the last 3 months, and it seams no solution provided so far.!?

We are paying good money for Netflix and xBox subscriptions, we deserve to get quick response and solution for this problem!


i am having the same issue.  15 minutes into a movie with Netflix and then booted.  very annoying!!!

Ok, so, I've been having this problem.

1.  Cleaned out help

2.  Restarted help

3.  Checked the help

4.  Called IP to check my problem

5.  Upgraded my WiFi to Netgear AC1900.......still same problem

Of course, did some other "trouble shooting",  no help.  This is where I believe it is on the Microsoft side.  Need help!

did you manage to fix the problem? i'm having the same problem now. Every 15-20 mins i get disconnected.

I am having the same issue - keep getting disconnected from xbox live when watching Netflix. For the last two days it has been so frequent that I cannot watch any shows.

I deleted and re-installed the Netflix app and tried many other things but it did not help. I could not find a solution anywhere on the forum even though there are so many with the same issue.

I hope this issue gets escalated and resolved fast....

Same issue here but internet explorer does same

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