Netflix freezes and so does the xbox

Started to happend a couple of days ago. Watchin some Netflix and suddenly its freezes. The only move i can do
is to restart the hole xbox. But after a while its starting to freeze again. Tryed to clear cache, have deleted and re-installed the Netflix now
and it still freezes. Any ideas?


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I have been playing some Battlefield 4 (freezefield 4) lately and its seems to freeze all the time now. Any connections maybe someone else that have the same issue? Got damn if this is because of battlefield 4

Update 01-23-2014

this issue remained for 2-3 days and suddenly it starting to work excellent again.

same thing happens to me on bf4 and netflix, cache cleared, re downloaded everything, connection is flawless. any help would be great (beyond "restart xbox")

Sadly the only solution is to buy a product that is not a piece of *** from a company that cares about the quality of the product they sell.

I'm having the same issue with my netflix app, and once you go to home screen any other app will freeze too. Only after I try to open netflix first. I didn't pay $400 on a gaming console to have to *** restart it half the time I try and use it.. F***! Don't know the solution other than completely restarting my xbox, as in having to physically unplug the power cord once its turned off.

Mine has started this stuff as well.  Can't watch a 30 minute show without the video stuttering and messing up for the last week or so.