Needs help with Halo 3 Achievements.

Hi, If anyone please help me with ; 

Marathon Man Guerilla Demon Cavalier Askar Exterminator Ranger Vanguard Orpheus Reclaimer Vidmaster Challenge: Annual (click on this forum for the vidmaster challenge. -------->



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The achievements for getting points are probably easier to do alone.


Some tips:  Play on heroic difficulty, if you find it to difficult, just play on normal.  I wouldn't recommend playing on legendary, even though you get a bigger points bonus its likely you'll die alot more.


Skulls to use:

Tough luck





Tilt (Only on flood levels, ie  only on Floodgate, Cortana and Halo)


Try not to die alot and with these skulls on playing on normal, you should be able to get enough points.


thanks this helped me alot :]