Need your help fellas

OK I am new to the game and find it pretty damn fun. I am only playing on professional at this point while I learn the game. I hold my own so far against them comp. Now, my problem is when I play my friend. On offense. I can't seem to shake him no matter what I do. I get the pass I immediately get it taken right off my feet. It's almost as if I pause for a second and in that time he is already on my guy. Now, if I get a pass off to someone else its great but then that guy is going through what I just explained. I just can't move the ball up!! What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to protect the ball so he can't rip it from me wight away? I try dribbling around him, same thing. Its driving me crazy. Thanks fellas and if anyone has any suggestions trust me I'm all ears!!!


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Practice Practice Practice is the only advice I would offer.

There are skill moves you can try upon first getting the ball which of course will help, like holding the Left Trigger button if memory serves correct when your player gets the ball, this will shield the ball from your opposition.

Or maybe if the ball isn't traveling to fast a dummy (right bumper) again if my memory is correct which will basically let the ball go through your players legs then you can turn and move on.

There is no easy answer im afraid other than to play as much as you can and get used to the game. Avoid Pro ranked and online team play matches as people tend to mess around and rarely pass the ball anyway.

Have you tried joining somebody's pro club? Playing with other human players is a better way of learning as far as im concerned and also a better and more enjoyable way of playing.

Feel free to add me if you would like to play in our club we play most nights and generally have a good laugh at the same time.

Hope I helped.

Thanks I will try your suggestions. I figured its practice but I wanted to see if I was missing something.

Try holding the Left Trigger (LT) when the ball comes, it will keep the ball closer to your player. On the other hand, if you're constantly holding RT, then your ball control will be compromised.