Need Xbox one minecraft friends please

I have no Xbox one friends to play minecraft with. I'll mine for free please friend me I'm way over 18 lol


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I added you! I'm 20

Looking for SKYRIM mash-up?! -LEGOthrall

Well i am a little late to the party here. But if there are some people interested in an ambitious project. I may have the project for you. I am myself looking for players who might be interested in a Twitch stream. I haven't debuted it yet as it isn't quite ready for Prime-Time. However this isn't a survival build.  I respect those who do that but frankly survival wasn't challenging enough. Furthermore i doubt this build would have been possible in survival.  Now i do plan on a survival debut at some point just not now. The problem i am having now is the project has gotten to large for myself to handle. It's literally over 2 years in the making.The only thing i ask is that people don't ransack the place. I want this to be the biggest build on XBox One eventually. A tall order no question but if you are a perfectionist. Are ambitious and want to contribute to a fun worthwhile project drop me a line. I understand this won't be for everyone. As there aren't many builders i have come across. Which are this insane attempting something like this. However why do what everyone else is doing. Will give you more details if your interested. :)

Feel free to add me I'm usually down to play.

GT - ProGamingWizard.

age - 17