Need Xbox 360 Ghosts Clan

Searching for a pure U.S. xbox 360 ghosts clan. I am....

  • 18 yrs old
  • 1.35 kdr
  • Chicago 
  • No mic
  • Favorite game mode: S & R  Dislike: Hardcore playlist


Please post the level, kdr, and the majority of where your clan members are from.


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If you can get your hands on a Mic come by and check us out, , we communicate a lot during matches so it would be helpful if you had one, but we wouldn't turn you away if you were interested. I'd give you the info on us but there's too many members for that. I can tell you we came in first place first clan battles in Silver division, got bumped up to Gold after that and took first place in that with almost triple the amount of points ahead of second place. Thanks man, good luck out there. If you do sign up let em know Jedi sent ya.

hey i hear are recruiting and google legion of honor they are recruiting new members also :)

infamous society is open for recruitment. To register and fill out a application and tell them [iS] MIKE HAWK sent you we are a multi platform clan / community and we are trying to rebuild the xbox division really hope you check us out

No mic needed if u can Play!!!!