Need woodworking traits in Dagger fall na server

Looking for mostly staff and shield traits only need a few for the bow


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If you can help send message on xbox

A lot of traits aren't needed to be honest. I specifically went for one's I know I'll use and if I find a trait I don't have I'll research it.

If you are buying or trading traits you should look for the ones you will want to use but sets don't always require a specific trait just that you know a particular number of traits to make that set. For example, there is a Death's Wind set available in Auridon. It is the lowest level set you can make and requires that you know 2 traits for each piece but it doesn't need any particular trait. Obviously if you have desirable traits that makes the piece better but you still get the set bonus with no traits applied at all.

If someone wouldn't mind explaining this to me a bit, I'd appreciate it... I'm having a little trouble getting my mind wrapped around the whole traits thing.

So the way I understand it, you don't need traits to craft armor or weapons, but they will make these items better or add attributes to them in some way. In other words, I could still craft a bow with no traits, as long as I had all the materials to make it.

In order to learn these traits, I have to research them I guess? This is where I'm a bit unsure. I was told that I could find a note called "the crafting writ" on a bulletin board in one of the towns and that this would get me started and let me know who the vendors are and where they can be found. Is there a tutorial quest of some kind I can look for as well? Am I on the right track?