need to now where to get black soul gem fast

well i screwed my self on becoming a vampire, early in game i  went to ramdom caves kill some didnt think of becoming one until later, but now i need to know where to get a black soul gem fast i cant play now. i hit stage 2 and everyone is trying to kill me,had to use a save 2 hours old, anyone ?


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Haven't seen anything close to a black soul gem yet.

found one my friend. go to winterhold to the college. Talk to Enthir ( the elf) He has one for 1299. He also has a Daedra heart for 1082. Not sure what that's for tho.

I have one, i think i got it from doing the "azura's Star" quest

I was about to post the same thing argo. It's in llinatltas deep. Llinaltas deep is located near the lady stone. It's not too far in llinatitas, but i would go to azuras shrine so you can get the mission and knock out 2 birds with one "gem"

Yeah, the Azura's one is reusable too (Thank god, I was seriously worried that I would have to constantly be buying soul gems to use), so I'd suggest picking that one up.