Need to get your clan on a site....

ABG (Affiliated Brotherhood Gaming) is way different from any clan or gaming community. Because in ABG we host for other clans/communities. So what ABG is doing is bringing clans, communities, and people from all over to one site.  ABG is a Blanket community. So like lets say you join with a clan on here but you don't like it anymore well you can look around on the ABG Site and find a new clan that you like or even if you finally decided to make your own clan you can talk to ABG BanHammer or his staff and get stuff setup. The ABG is making it easier to meet other clans and even people. So you don't have to spend time on different sites looking for a clan you can look right here and most likely you have already been playing with some of them or even talked to some of them.  If you looking for a clan you can also sign up on the site and see what clans are recruiting and also you get hands on with the other clans to see if you really want to be part of them.  Hope to see you on the site.  ABG will host your clan/community on the there site for FREE. 

Just message me on xbox live or on the ABG Site if you have more question or even want to get things set up for you.


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how you make a clan site

It did sound rather unique but your link does not work. Is it down at the moment?