Need to finish up? (achievements)

So I know that Halo 4 is here, but there might be some of us who are unable to finish all of the Reach multiplayer achievements.  What I'm looking to do is get a group of people together and we help each other finish up this game (because let's face it there's always one person who doesn't have the maps).  All you need to do is message me and once we have enough people we'll set up a date where we'll help everyone. 


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That's actually the reason why I checked the Reach forums. Put me down as in.

I hope you guys are just organising for the maps/gametypes, but if you're flat out boosting, what happened to earning them legitimately?


Need numbers to validate your time spent?

To answer your question Chain, it's about getting the DLC maps to just appear.  Unlike Halo 3 which had the DLC in almost all of their playlists, Reach doesn't require the DLC to play with the exception of the Anniversary playlist.  So the chances of getting into a group where every single player has either the Nobel or Defiant Map Pack is 0.01% (I read that number on Halopedia, so don't know how accurate it really is).  This way were looking for people who actually want to play the DLC, and offer themselves the chance to get the achievement.  So I don't see this as boosting really, just giving us the opportunity to ACTUALLY play something the developers have made and we paid for.

As for numbers?  I don't speak for everyone, but I don't personally care too much.  It's nice to say I've gotten every achievement in Reach, but I don't wanna spend days on end hoping I get the maps I need to pop.  I'd wanna just get this done with and move onto Halo Anniversary and Halo 4.

I got all the map packs ans im down to play anytime

I could use some help with the online as well. I have no map packs though lol

Hey Fused, the maps won't show up unless everyone has them.  But we can play some games if you would like and see if you need help with something?  I think Reach's non-DLC achievements are just ranking up for the most part, so you literally have to just play.  But if you want a buddy to play with let me know.  

For everyone else I sent messages!