Need to download all arcade titles twice

I've had a recurring issue with my 360 since I bought it in which I need to download all arcade titles twice otherwise they will not load/freeze.

The system is about a year old, I bought it to replace my old launch console and for the bigger hard drive. I did a content transfer from the 20GB hard drive on my old system to the 120GB on my new system. All of the transferred content works fine, including arcade titles.

All of my save games work perfectly, I've never had a corrupt save. I can download videos/trailers without issue. I can install games to the hard drive and play them without issue.

Back to the actual problem. When I download an arcade title for the first time it will normally load without issue (90-95%) of the time. When it loads I can play for about 5 or 10 minutes at which point the game will freeze, I can't use the dash and the sound will get stuck in a loop, playing the last half second of audio. Normally the sound issue starts a second or two before the freeze.

After restarting if I delete the game and redownload it, it will be fine and I can play it to completion and for hours at end. The games that have been affected recently Insanely Twisted, From Dust, Bastion, Outland, Clash of Heroes, Ilo Milo and as I stated at the start of the post every arcade title since moving to the new console.

If I download and install a game to my launch console it works perfectly.

Running through it, it would seem that the hard drive isn't at fault as:

a) a second download fixes it

b) all other content works fine

The console/sound card doesn't appear to be the issue as games played off disk work fine.

The internet connection doesn't seem to be fault as:

a) Downloads to the other console work fine

b) Non-arcade title content isn't affected (movies, trailers, online play etc)

c) I've tried new cables etc


Obviously I can work around the issue at the moment but it is pretty annoying to do so. I'm at the point where I'm considering purchasing a new hard drive but then again there is no guarantee that it will do anything to resolve the problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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