Need tips for getting Claymore kills...

The last assignment I'm trying to get done is the PKP specialist. I need about 17 more claymore kills to complete it, but I'm having a pretty difficult time. I usually go to a small map with lots of chokepoints like Metro, plant 2 claymores (usually on the escalators). I've noticed that sometimes the claymore will explode and injure the enemy but will not kill them, and other time they can walk right in front of if and continue on their merry way without even setting the claymore off.

Tips, suggestions, etc?


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Grand Bazaar, Rush, Defending team, first set of m-coms.

I never use claymores but I always get killed by them on Crossing on conquest.

Seine Crossing CQ charlie building,Should get em in 2 - 5 games.

Since launch DICE has changed the way claymores function a lot.  I have over 1000 claymore kills, but few since the last update.  Now when you get downed, they disappear and you have to replace them if revived.  They are also wildly inconsistent.  Sometimes they work, and other times guys run right over them without them even exploding.  Sometimes they do explode and do no damage.  

Plant them in choke points where they can't be missed and are unexpected.  Try to stay alive as long as possible.  I get a lot on Bazaar in conquest in the alleyway behind B.  I also get a lot on Seine going in the building to the left of C.  Good luck.

Just play some Conquest Domination on the Close Quarters maps and you will get them very quickly.

In and around those containers think it's Flag A Conquest Nosehair Canals. I don't use Claymores hardly at all except that map because they're the easiest kills in the game and some sucker's gonna get them, may as well be me.


You can camp around there and not get killed at all, keep capping the flag and re-arm your claymores.

Best map is Seine Crossing...plant two on staircases. Never fails.

GB 24/7 500% Tickets Conquest Set up shop at C(The Stairs going up to the 2 tier camping spot). lay a ammo bag on your claymore. Got all 25 there felt real dirty after words as well.

Sienne is really good for this like other have said. Other places if you can't get charlie. Building down the street from alpha. Lots of people go in there to shoot at charlie.  Either building across from delta though that will take time and you have to get players to notice you. You might get an odd kill or two if you plant one next to an opponents spawn becon. That allways makes me laugh when I get those.

Seine is terrible as is any map where a player throws a grenade, shoots and RPG or M320 before moving.  On Bazaar or Seine, you're more likely to give the enemy player a free destroyed explosives ribbon than you are at getting a kill.  Either that or a team mate will detonate it with a nade he chucks randomly.

You want Damavand Peak.

Mine the passageways.  It's dark and people don't chuck grenades at evey corner or entrance. 

When you place them, run and hide because when you die, they disappear even when getting revived.  They also don't seem as effective as they used to be.  One Claymore used to be a guaranteed kill.  Now they're more likely to explode harmlessly or only do enough damage for the hit box flash on your screen when someone trips it.

For that reason, I'd roll with Equad Explosives and place two down.

And don't put them in bloody buildings.  They're the most OBVIOUS places to put them.  You'd get more luck if yuou put 'em in places no one expect to find a Claymore.

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