Need someone to get the multiplayer achievements with! :)

Hello there!

I have completed most of Fable 3 now, but I am missing the following achievments and I belive they are only available over xbox live:

  • long distance relationship
  • Cross-dimentional conception
  • Hencheman wages
  • We need guns, lots of guns
  • Fashion victim

If anyone else is in need of these achievments then please send me a message and perhaps we can spend an evening getting them all! Please note, that for the marriage and cross-dimentional ones, I am looking for a person who has a female character because mine is male. However I am happy to trade for the item achievments with anyone who wants to!

Also, if ANYONE can please explain what is going on with this "rep" business. I literally got xbox live, played fable and saw all these orbs coming up, and then I came on the forums and realised that i only had 3 star? I dont understand how this happens I havent actually come into contact with any other player xD


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Thank you for all of your replies! I will look at messaging some of you shortly! :D

Don't worry about your rep, it will go up eventually. Everyone start of at3 stars and it never decreases.

I'd be happy to help!  I need the online achievements as well.  I'm typically on from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. (EST).  PM or friend me and lets get those achievements : )

oh and the Rep thing is playing online with other players and them preferring you has a recommneded player :)

fashion victim you can do locally over another gamer profile (: but the other ones I can help with (: and I have most the guns. I got the achievement but borrowed the ones I needed but I do have most them on my own so if I got any u need (: