Need some people to play with

Hey there. I actually only got an Xbox recently so I don't know how this works too well. =P

But other than playing the songs over again, I don't have anything else to do. I'd like others to play with. Unfortunately, I'm only a Medium player. But I give it my best shot anyway...


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I sent u a friend request...I play RB more but when I play GH it's nice to have someone to jam with...don't matter to me ur on med. ;)

your like everyone else .i have not done dont wanna be my friend anymore ..thats your loss  dont wanna send me a friend request... anyone really wants to play rockband 3 and has the same dlc as me hit me up

russ...who are u talking to?

Look around at his other posts on here... He seems to be an angry person? IDK, I even sent him a message asking what DLC he has, and I didn't recieve a response.

Not sure if he knows that he can push the yellow button and search for people to play online with. Instead of coming onto the forums and bad mouthing people he doesn't even know... nor probably has even played with.

Rock On \m/*.*\m/

I don't play that much anymore but if u send me a request for GH I'll give it a go.

what's your problem oh no?

i just want my friend not an angry person dont judge me you should not be like like im a cool person i have feeling too i have a brain and a heart ..i like to help others you dont know me..i have a handicapp ..leave me the hell alone oh no..

i dont look to start a fight..i m just wanted the things that were once was again joyful friends my pals..the greatest friend that i ever had left me and im sad:(all i do is get to stay home and watch tv i have no friends no place to friend is getting married now he want speak to me any more..i want my xbox friend back thats what i want :(

ohnootislycho leave me alone please..

i thought you was my friend rock :(

Sure thing... even though I have no idea what you're talking about?

Re-read your posts... Sure sounds like you're angry because people won't play with you. Maybe they are playing with other people. It isn't that hard to find random people online to play with... It might take a few games to find the good people with DLC, but they are out there.

Push the Y button or the bass pedal before choosing your songs...

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