Need some new friends!

Howdy, i'm in search of new friends :P.

Male/Female doesn't bother me really, i have a list of games but my most played games are most of the COD's and GTA.

I do have a mic but sometimes i cant be botherd to speak, depending on my mood :D

I'm a mature gamer, i tend to swear a lot more than i should..

Please feel free to add me and join my party when i'm online :) 



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heya I play black ops 2 only atm just recently got back an xbox after trying ps3 which was the worst choice >.< I'll add yew when i get online :)

Added you xD

Hey man,

feel free to add me.. playing black ops 2 a lot at the moment.. or hitman absolution / gears of war 3..

anyway, same here, feeling too lazy to talk most of the time, but when i have time to play all the day, i got my mic ready

Sweet, added you also :) i don't have gears 3 or hitman, but i rented gears and it was pretty good so might pick it up sometime. Hitman is also on my rental list :P

Yo holla holla dawg hit me up with an add I play Peggle and Club Penguin fck Trick Daddy

lol ok np for those games,

most important being black ops 2 i guess ;o)

also play soulcalibur 4 and 5 sometimes, + mortal kombat and tekken 6..

anyway, accepted the FR ;)

see ya soon

Sweet, cheers :D