Need Some ME3 help!

Hi, I'm not sure which missions to do, is there a particular order, or can you do what ever missions you like in the order you like [like in Skyrim] and how do I know what missions to do next when in orbit, any help on this matter would be great because I'm really enjoying this game, also can you change your secondary weapon to a shotgun?


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You can lose the ability to do some of the side missions if you proceed to far into the main story.  I would recomend doing all missions not labeled "Priority" first.  Priority missions are the main game.  Do all the N7 missions and such before going further with the Priority missions in order to not miss out on the side missions.

I would recommend playing through the side missions, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 first, yes. It makes the story and game a better experience overall.

It's really very simple. Not all side missions are available all at the same time. Do whatever side missions are available, then do a main mission. Then do the next set of side missions that become available.

So the main missions are labled priority [where]

And in what order shall I do which missions in, is there a guide on Youtube anyone can recommend so I do sides, and then onto the main course later on << see what I did there ;)

EA is offering a full refund for the game right now, see if it is available through your local Gaming store and go accept it. Because right now all I can do is this

^ I thought it was pretty hilarious that they're accepting refunds because of how they finished off the series. Sales have been dropping like crazy too.


But anyways, like everybody else said, there's timed missions. Sometimes you also get missions that you don't actually have access to yet either and have to wait before you can do them.

Priority would be the first word in the mission name when you look at them in the menu. Example: "Priority: Tuchanka"

Hit the start button, the "JOURNAL", in the missions section. You'll see all your missions. the ones that says PRIORITY:(MISSION NAME) are the main missions. Try to do as many of the other missions you see before you proceed to the main missions because completing some main missions make some side missions not playable.

Also some others have ran into some trouble...


The Galaxy Map does not tell you if it is a Priority Mission or not. Only the Journal will tell you.


So be sure to remember what Priority Mission you are on so you do not accidentally start a Priority Mission.