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Hey fellow minecrafters!


I was wondering is it possible to have a door lock? For example: Say a lever or button is pressed on the outside of a room/house to open an iron door. And then to close the door, there would be a lever/button on the inside. Though as you know levers can get tricky because if you have it one way you cannot open/close it the other way. So my question is, how can I make a lock for a door that you can lock from the inside and nobody can get in unless you unlock it?

Is this possible? Thanks!


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Just put a button on one side of the iron door.

Keep a button or switch on you, kind of like a key.

Just don't die and loose your 'key' or you'll have to break into your house through a wall.  Build out of 100% obsidian and the only way anyone could get in would be with a diamond pick axe... I guess they could just beat on your doors until they came down too... bummer.

There are many ways to lock a door but kind of pointless. It has its place on PC with special multiplayer maps but it would just be a giant waste of time on 360. As people have suggested, use a button on both sides of the door. You can youtube the redstone circuits to see how crazy complicated some of them are.

Like the poster above a few posts said, you could build a place out of obsidian then place an iron door and then just carry around a button or lever to open it. However I want to dispell the belief that only a diamond pick axe can get through obsidian. Absolutely not true.


First let's clarify - you need a diamond pick axe to MINE obsidian, and retrieve it, but you can destroy it with a regular pick axe just the same. Granted it takes a while longer, but not nearly as long as you think. I was playing with my nephew just a few days ago in his world where I didn't have a diamond pick axe and he thought it would be funny to encase my home in obsidian trapping me in. I just began to pound on the obsidian with a regular pick axe (at first thinking it was futile) only to shortly after watch it break and clear the path for me. So until they make DLC that provides us with the ultimate UNMINEABLE block material...people will get through anything you make to safe guard your valuables.


The only best defense is to hide your items really well and keep them out of sight. With the size of the maps, it would have to be random luck for someone to find your items if you hide them well enough. I have things so well hidden in my in-game world that people have literally worked and moved about all around them never once knowing what was hidden near them.

Keep your valuables hidden, under the floor board, behind a painting or wall. Signs and doors allow paintings to cover them, allowing you to walk through the painting. -This is how I hide mine.

First off, thanks for the replies! Second, I do have my items hidden pretty well, but I mainly wanted a locking door for my Hotel, for example the rooms. I want people to be able to lock their rooms, I know people can break through but still lol. I'll probably end up doing buttons. Thanks minecrafters!