Need some help. Urgent!!

I'm looking to get back into gaming. I used to own the ultimate edition of this game.  I need to repurchase the game but don't want to spend the money since bf3 is due to drop.

I'm using the same screen name as before.  Would i still have all the features if i purchased battlefield bad company 2 normal version?   I couldn't rememeber if the code from ultimate saves to your account.  I hate to buy the ultimate when all I need is a disk. 


Someone please let me know. thanks in advance


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If it's the same account then you should still have everything you had before.

I originally purchased BFBC2 new. I traded and purchased used a few months later. My account came back up and all my VIP maps were still there. I think you'll be fine as long as its same console and gamertag.