Need some help here! (connecting to mp)

Hello forums. A friend of mine just bought BFBC2 so we could play this online.

Now the problem is that he cant connenct to multiplayer. (He has a valid membership of XBL)

When he tries to connect to something that needs internet connection the text: YOUR GAMER PROFILE DOES NOT HAVE THE CORRECT PERMISSIONS TO ACCESS XBOX LIVE FUNCTIONALITY  appears. Please help.

This never happends to other games.

Also, as I did. He got a VIP-code so he could download all the VIP-maps.

Thanks in advance. 


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Does he have a Gold membership?Has he been banned recently?

As written, he has a valid xbox live gold membership and he has NEVER bin banned from xbox live. He has also never modded his console.

Hold old is he?  EA dont let kids play war games.  Got your VIP code typed in?  Got NAM expansion multiplayer update?  Got NAT settings right?

If he is too young, or if his profile says he's too young (think the age limit is 13) he won't be able to play. Also there is an update to the game required to play, although it should have prompted him to download it before he tried to play online.

Sofar as I know.

The account he play with is not a children account. (He plays COD BO, MW2 etc.)

He got a VIP-code but he just cant type it in 'couse he can't get in to the in-game store.

The pop-up window will just appear.

He does not have the 'Nam mp update but he is playing with wireless connection. Does that make sense?

And I read that parts of the XBL are down, maybe that's the problem?