Need some help getting better at verseus

So I rented GoW 3 today and overall, im liking it. But the thing is I havent played a GoW game in months and while I have been doing ok in verseus, theres just some things I have to improve on, most notably with the gnasher shotgun and to avoid getting ambushed. First off what are some good tips on getting better with the gnasher, most notably when I get into to shotgun fight? Another thing thats been annoying me is I've been a victim of getting ambushed from the rear, no matter now cautious I am. But anyways, what can I do to prevent myself from getting killed from the rear? Besides all that, these are the only 2 things I need help with at the moment.


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While the Gnasher can sometimes be inconsistent due to the randomly distributed spread of the gun, here are a few tips that I can give for ya:

1. While people might try to tell you that it's best to hipfire it, it's actually more effective to aim it, because aiming will tighten the spread of the shot. What I do (as well as many other people I presume) is free-look while trying to center my aim on the enemy and quickly press LT and shoot just before releasing LT to center my aim again. This is usually more efficient than holding your aim because free-looking will allow you to turn faster as well as get a better view of your surroundings.

2. Make sure you're moving while in a Gnasher battle, preferably in an inconsistent and unpredictable manner. If you're standing still, then the enemy can simply target you and shoot until you're dead. While it might be a little more difficult for you to hit him with your shot while mobile, it will usually pay off because it makes it even more difficult for your enemy to hit you.

3. Try (italicized because I realize that this is difficult when playing with randoms) to stick with teammates when going for a shotgun rush. Having the advantage in number is often crucial when getting into a tight CQC situation for various, mostly obvious reasons. If you outnumber the enemy, then you can pin them down and force them to pick targets while the rest of you can kill them completely unscathed. If you don't outnumber the enemy, you at least have others that can distract or flank them.

As for preventing an ambush, really all you can do is try to be more aware of your surroundings. Here are a couple of things that can help with that:

1. Get to know the maps. Learn where there are choke points, heavy traffic areas, back passages and even key weapon spawns. Most of the maps have certain areas that get more action than others (such as the ruins in Sandbar), and it's often a bad idea to run into these places unprepared. Make sure to also watch the roads less traveled, however, because you never know when someone might try to pull the unexpected flanking maneuver.

2. Be aware of the current spawning situation. Keep track of where your team spawned and remember that there's about 7-8 seconds of spawn protection (it lasts a couple more seconds than the timer does). If someone gets too close to the opposite spawn, they will usually be switched (which is indicated for COG by Prescott saying 'we've got enemy reinforcements' and for Locust by Queen Myrrah saying 'Enemy forces'). If you forget where the spawns are, use the Tac-Com (LB) to see where your teammates are; your team's spawn is most likely the one that the majority of them are closer to.

3.Stick with your teammates. Unless they're running headfirst into a deathtrap, it's always best to follow them and provide support. They will in turn watch your back and make it that much easier to stop any possible ambush before it happens. Make sure that you're within a safe distance from each other though, meaning that you aren't too close if the enemy has a Boomshot or Hammer of Dawn and not too far to be able to pick him up if someone downs him.

4. Use the spotting feature. This won't help you directly, but it will help your teammates know where the enemy is located so that they can help you track down where the rest of the enemy team is. And who knows, maybe your teammates just forgot that it was there, and a reminder is all that they need.

I hope that this can be helpful for ya. Obviously it's impossible to prevent the bad outcomes completely, but following these tips should help you at least avoid them more often.

Mines a little simpler, if you listen you can always hear footsteps, just turn your T.V up a little i don't have turtle beaches and can still hear them. As for the Gnasher it's a learning curve takes a long time that why people don't stick to this game, jut keep practicing your pop shots and wall bounces.

Another effective tool to combat the Gnasher shotgun is the Retro Lancer. This of course requires you to be further than normal battles but it is quite effective at preventing a Gnasher user from moving in. When running away from a Gnasher, remember it has enough range to down you from a substantial distance if you're damaged, so dodge around. Running straight may be the knee-jerk reaction, but remember to dodge around because in my experience, running straight away almost never works. Dodging around, however, does.

Get a turtle beach. It's super effective!

Too avoid lots of ambushes stay with your team, listen for footsteps(especially if they're running) and keep moving. If you try to camp in this game you better have all the entrances in your line of sight or someone will put a shotgun where the sun don't shine.

Something I do to watch my own backside is stick a smoke bomb (or whatever you have at the time) to the entrance wall behind me.  When I hear that, I know someone was trying to creep up behind me.   Also listen for "Enemy Forces".  That means they have switched spawns and a very good chance they will be coming behind you.

Wow... no trolls here just helpful replies o.o amazing!

Thank you OP and those who replied to this thread. Some of this stuff even I didn't know, like the "Enemy Forces" thing and such. I myself have also had a lot of trouble with enemies spawning at or near the same point I spawned and its usually me versus a minimum of 2 or 3. Not much you can do when you got 2+ Lancers pinning you down.

Getting better just takes a lot of practice, and learning from the people who posted here doesn't hurt. Very solid and helpful advice. Thanks all!

Surround sound!  :D

Your very welcome. Hope you find all this advice as helpful as I found them to be!

I always take a note of my teams names when playing TDM/Verses ect. and take note who is round me, If i see thier name pop up bottom left as being killed then i move. Know were all ya team is at all times. Works for me..