Need some good ppl to show me how it's done.

I've been playin this game for a few months and I've been told I suck at it.  Can't seem to survive past level 15 with 4 ppl.  What I need is some really good ppl to school me and show me how to play to level 30.  I've read a lot of websites on strategy in this game.  I've almost had a pack a punch.  I'm tired of playing with kids and ppl whose language I don't understand.  I can play almost everyday and on weekends (5pm-? central time).  I know I can  do this, I just need to get some good players to help me out.  Yes I have a mic and I can follow directions.  Look me up?



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Have a look here.

Add me <<<< I will help you out, but won't be able to get on til Sunday or Monday. We can do the Easter Egg too! I can usually get that done by level 8(as long as we get lucky in the box)


Hey silk, im gonna add you to do some zombz on sunday if you are up for it. What coast and time are you on?

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Hey silk, im gonna add you to do some zombz on sunday if you are up for it. What coast and time are you on?



Sure, I am on Central time. I should? be on Sunday but if not probably/hopefully Monday. I am remodeling my house, so nothing but busy days ahead of me!


Im Pretty much in the same boat, only just started playing zombies and everything i look up to help comes across as a foreign language!!!

I may be off on Monday as well. Not 100% on that just yet. I usually have most of my free time on weekends if im not tinkering with an engine or somethin else car related. SUMMER RIM & TIRE TIME WOOOOHOOOO!

My friends and I play regualrly (normaly nightly). We play high level games, and will help with achievments if wanted. Most of our games last 3-6hrs. We are very organised, adult, team players. Right now we are working on breaking level 30 on Call of the Dead, we have hit 29 a few times, but normaly get screwed from people timing out. lol. We are not pro's, but we are good. If you have a RELIABLE connection hit me up. Normaly west coast host, but can work out centeral if needed.  Current high levels, 29 on CotD, 39 on accention (time out, last 2 players made it to 42).