Need Some Good People.

I just bought my xbox 4 days ago and i got a bunch of games all FPS's L4D 1-2,Halo3,Halo ODST, ect...... And unlike my PS3 account i don't have anyone to game with i know that asking on here is dumb but there are thousands of gamerz out there and i know some are looking to cram 12 hour game sessions in and I'm up for that add me!!!! I play all FPS's that's all i play and i think that is all i will ever play OVERDOSED665

Please no trolling, Yes i do own a PS3, WII, PSP, PSP GO and others i love all systems and games that are out there as of right now im going with a Xbox i never owned one before and i love all the games,community etc....


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Dude say no more. We have thousands of gamers at RoG  (Revolution of Gaming) to play with, you should come check us out. Everyone is fun and friendly and will welcome you on board straight away.

Just come to and sign up for free. Introduce yourself to the community, and then your friends list should get quite full in no time. RoG is a huge clan, and we want you to be part of our family!  Hope to see you soon! : )


If you have HALO 3 ,feel free to add me

HALO ODST add me

Add me if you wanna play some Halo.

I'm game. I play what I own, so, LFD(2) HALO(3 n Reach) CoD(WaW, MW2, Black "Oops"), etc, etc. Still need some peeps to game with, Mister Twisted will accept that request. Jollygood, have a nice day!

If u want to play cod black ops add me I'll play zombies and any other

Station u want like team death match search and ground war

If you are still looking for a friend to play with, feel free to add me.  

eu jogo halo 3 odst

It's hard to find a good co-op partner who is down for an all day session. What I hate, though. Is people that bug you to play some old game you wore out years ago. And when you say no, you're a jerk. The other day a friend of mine rode out with me to pick up my pre-order of Uncharted 3. All week I had been talking about how excited I was for that game and how awesome it was going to be. As I'm checking out at the counter, he's browsing the shelves and sees the case for Crackdown 1 and says "Ohhh yeah, I forgot we never finished this. Wanna play some co-op when you get home?". I was completely dumbfounded. I didn't even know what to say. Fortunately I think my face said it for me.