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I've had this game ever since it was released here in Australia... and one achievement still eludes me: The Grim Reaper for the Golems of Amgurrak DLC. I've tried before with a Mage/Spirit Healer/Arcane Warrior/Battle Mage combo, with the best gear, spells etc and plenty of health poultices... yet still get stomped into a mudhole. I do have a level 35 Warrior/Champion/Reaver/Spirit Warrior I could do it with (I'll post equipment and talent setup, if asked) but I have heard a level 35 Rogue with archery build can beat this boss 'relatively' easy... In any event, I'm after some advice about equipment build, tactics etc for this last fight, as having that one last achievement there taunting me... is having a detrimental effect to my psyche.


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There are many different tactics out there, but one thing is for sure: use the tactics screen and set self --> health < 75 --> Health potions on all party members. Golem should set ally --> health < 75 --> Group heal, and self --> health < 75 --> Group heal

Oh, and run. Run around, avoiding the skeletons and attack the Hearvester with your spells. Then run around until they recharge. Rince and repeat.

I didn't have any problems with my dex/cun Rogue. Also take time in Awakenings to buy a few respec tomes to carry over for your compainons to get them a little more up to par. You can not respec the golem and it sucks but you can get the other ones good enough to survive. I didn't lose any one in the battle.


I have heard that a dex heavy rogue can solo this fight.