Need some advice about 'The Arrival' DLC, gear wise

Ok, so I'm working on rebuilding my Shepards (x5) in preparation for Mass Effect 3 next March, and I'm considering working on 'The Arrival' DLC. I've finished it once before, but didn't get the "Last Stand" Achievement... I'm just curious as to what were other people's tactics for that part of the DLC and what gear/class you were. When I finished it for the first time, my Shepard was a Soldier with all the following weapons: Mattock, Geth Plasma Shotgun, Widow Sniper Rifle and Phalanx pistol. Armor wise, the full Kestrel set, except for the headpiece, that was the Recon Hood... oh, and my heavy weapon of choice was the Collector Particle Beam weapon.



Now, on my current playthrough, I'm a Engineer with the Geth Plasma Rifle (Got the **** Rifle Training on the Collector Ship), with the Locust SMG and Phalanx... I'm just wondering if there's a particular choice in Heavy Weapon I should take (I have at the moment the M-100 Grenade Launcher, M-622 Avalanche, Collector Particle Beam, ML-77 Missile Lancher, M-451 Firestorm, M-490 Blackstorm Singularity Projector and the Arc Projector). I've heard that the Arc Projector is a pretty good choice, for using when trying to get that achievement, but are there any others which would be better?


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I found the Arc Projector to be invaluable on that mission, especially when the Heavy Mech shows up. It might not be as damaging as some of the other heavy weapons but its ability to hit more than one enemy saved my life on that section.

The Arc Projector is good for its AOE, but you really only need your HW to dispatch the YMIR.

As soon as you take control of Shepard, take cover in the corner of the room to your left and you can stay in that spot for the entire fight. 

Only enemy that will rush you are the pyros, so keep an eye out for them, and just pick off all the others using mostly tech skills (to save ammo).

When the YMIR turns up, just unload with your HW, then mop up whoever is left.

I did it with an Infiltrator, using a sniper rilfe on most enemies, and using AI Hacking when the YMIR showed up and letting it deal with some of the enemies for me.

Thanks for the advice guys, initially followed Schuey19's advice about camping in that small area to the left (behind the 'L' shaped counter), and just picked off the enemy with either my Explosive Combat Drone/Incinerate/Enhanced Dominate/Arc Projector (thanks voteDC). Using Improved AI Hacking on the YMIR made things a LOT easier, so thanks go to you as well Kimieva.



Kept the Pyro's at bay with my Explosive Drone and Enhanced Dominate on unshielded guards kept most of the enemy away from me, cept for one point where a guard, pyro and engineer rushed me. The Arc Projector dealt with them.  Once again, thanks guys ^^b