Need racing friends

I got the game cause well, I race cars in real live on the strip, Its an amazing game but need for friends to play with game with, I really only play with my brother on there so If you want to play man, Let me know


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Lots of potential friends and good, clean, hard racing here:

cool, I might check that out. I'm part of a car club but am really looking to race live with people who are friendly and race fair rather than bumper cars.

VM has 3 racing series going right now:  Spec , GP2, and SuperGT

Add me if you like. None of my friends on Live play this game.

Same here.  Just added you as a friend.  I also raced in real life and play clean.  

me also.. but i usually run simulation to keep the bumper car action out. but i also run 0 assist. i need no lines or anything. will run default damage with people that dont shove ya off the track.

Jay bird