Need Quick Answer Please!!! GoW2 Marketplace!!

Hey guys I am not sure what rank I am right now in Gears 2 and its been a while since I sold it and I wanna play gears 2 again and rank up before Gears 3!!!

I have some questions..

Will I be able to get Golden Gnasher if I reach level 100 after GoW3 is out?!?

Do people still play it?

It's on sale on the marketplace and I wanna buy it from there will I be able to play everything in Gears 2 (horde, multiplayer). Also would the dlc i bought before work on this?

Thanks a lot in advance!!! 


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Thanks a lot man!! Appreciate it!!!!!!!! Now we can let this thread die..

Lol, that's the same thing as getting banned.

LOL thanks OleMissRebel10 for the help.

I'm not looking to boost it anyway. I just wanna play for fun and rank up with all the EXP events. On septembre 2nd there is going to be a 20x exp event.

Also DutRank: I don't know why everyone thinks I was banned from TA. I sent TA a request to removed. I WOULD have been banned right after if I didn't though.

I'm sure you would be able to get the Golden Gnasher after Gears 3 is out, because all you need is the Veteran Gear medal, right?  So I'm sure you can get that at any time.

Last I played a lot of people were still playing.

Getting it on the marketplace I'm sure would be just like downloading it off of a disk, so I'd think you'd be able to play everything in Gears 2, including your DLC.

BUMP! Please need an answer!

Yes and Yes.

just to clear anything up.

Also, Lil Dogg, I don't know how you feel about boosting, but has some really good players on there helping each other get achievements, some D-Bags too, but a ton of really good guys/girls. You should look into it.

No problem.  Glad to help.

Absolutely, you can do it after you've played 3. Only thing is, that if you get VG and then play 3, you may need to wait one day for it to show in gears 3 that you have VG in 2. Because the gears 3 servers will only scan for it once a day, if it already has on the day you pop VG, it will unlock all gold weapons in 3, within 24 hours.  

Thanks to you it is downloading because THE GEARS COMMUNITY IS TERRIBLE except Flying Cattle!! It's at 25%!!

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.