Need practice flying?

I have a wake island conquest **** day 2 up right now.  Server called BEER.  Only 4 of us here just horsing around practicing flying and capping flags without landing.


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Is wake island a DLC map?

Yep. It's part of the Back to Karkand DLC.

Hmm. I wouldn't mind logging on and messing around with jets, since I can't stay in the air for more than two seconds because I have no unlocks for them...

That means squat. It just means your not determined to get flares (which are still crap, wait for ECM). Heck, I don't usually have to use my ECM. Here's a quick tip anyway, play Rush, I say Kharg Island. Hop in a jet and take out the tanks, it's got 10x damage against tanks in Rush than Conquest (something like that). Max xp: 100 + 100+ 100+ 100+ 50 = 450 points. 3 kills, a disable and a vehicle destroy.

I would but I don't want to take my disk out of it's case. I fear they've grown too attached.


There is no need to unlock the flares with the new patch. All flares for all aircraft, chopper and jet, were unlocked for everyone in the patch. I have 0 points in jets and the flares have been unlocked.