Need people to play with :)

Hi i'm lvl 21 right now and I need some people to play with and I have a mic.

I'm a very good teamplayer


I play both conquest and rush.

so feel free to add me.


GT : EzpeN64


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GT : ImBetturThenU

Anyone feal free to add me, im low level on xbox but im from ps3 so im experienced with the game =)

GT: WoWpWNEd11

Feel free to add me, i'm level 15 and have a mic. I prefer to play rush, and I am very good on the attacking side. I'm a good team player.

I've added all 3 of you :). I'm level 26, with a mic and enjoy playing as a team - rush/conquest, core or hardcore.  Finding people who talk on this game is very difficult!!

Anyone else who enjoys the game feel free to add me!

Apologies, I was signed in with some sort of guest account (My username is ForceOfNature31, not DecievedAlarm).  I'm adding you now

Add me. Im just about  to head out and get this game. Never played before and am looking for team players with mics.

im looking for people to play this game with to add me and like blow stuff up! i got a mic and im not annoying just chill

Go ahead and add me too if you want guys

GT: Ki113r L33n4

Just recently got the Box but i've been playing BF since the very beginning over on teh PC

I'm pretty good at the game I just don't have anyone with a mic, only lvl 15, feel free to add me.

You can add me... level 50 but play for fun and for the objectives...not a fan of 3 snipers on one team though