Need people to get the online achievements AND possibly the CO-OP ones to

Hey people I've come back to this game as I am looking forward to getting Saints Row the Third and fancied dusting off 2 to get some G and recap the story. Im really interested in getting the online G stuff now. From what Ive read you can get them all in public matches and even with just one other player so I was hoping to get some people together to boost some G.


I would like to dfo the co op story G too but as that would take a while thats not required right now lol


PS Ive just come back to the xbox forums after some time and this new set up and format for the forums is both confusing and IMO rubbish compared to how it used to be. Can someone explain to me how I view ALL the Saints Row 2 posts ever made as all I can see is the last 3?




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All the old posts are gone now, what you see here is all there is. As for you looking for people to play with feel free to send me a fr as I need those as well.

I'm in for whatever you need. Just message me.

Im down for King Pin, add me; Timmy22bc.

im dwn for those online achievements, aswell as the co-op, jus FR me wit a brief message.

Add me and i gotcha back.

I've got all DLC and don't use cheats (Only 'codes' I've used are the ones to unlock the D-Stroy UFO, Gyrocopter and Peewee Motorbike, and they don't inihibit earning achievements as they were official codes released from Volition for preorders). I need the achievements for co-op activities etc, so send me a FR with a message.

Same as Deaths Head, I've got all the DLC, I'm looking for someone(s) to help me out with the Co-op Campaign, activities, and other things that require more than one person, If your interested, Send me a message saying that you want to play, you know all the little details, just looking for some help here.