Need Others to Play DLC maps with on Halo 4!

Anyone who owns the halo 4 map packs want to add me on xbox live so I can use the DLC I just bought?
I didn't realize that they would never show up in random online matches because apparently no one that plays online now owns them. So I would really like to have some people that I can play custom matches with so I don't feel like I just wasted $25 on these stupid maps. Would be awesome if we could get a lot of players together to have some fun. Thanks in advance!!!


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Actually its not that nobody wants to play them, its if just one person in the game lobby doesn't have them, the maps won't show up as a voting option.

But when everybody has them, they definitely do.

Keep an eye out, 343i has a rotational playlist atm that normally has a DLC playlist every couple of months or so

You can add me if you wish. I stilm have to do a lot of achievements on the dlc map packs

Thanks for this thread.

I was just about to start a new one asking the question why do the DLC maps hardly ever appear in matchmaking for selection. Thanks to RKnb117 I have my answer.

It's pretty crap that to have all these maps and not be able to play them due to Halo 4's system.

They should only matchmake you with those who have the same maps that you have.

Checking my own stats I have played DLC a grand total of 6 times (wreckage and shatter 3 times each)!!!

Both of these are from the first map pack which was crimson. I can't remember playing these maps it was that long ago. It may well have been a DLC playlist.

I think it's really cheeky that they put the Halo 4 map pass on offer last week for half price when under the current system it's pretty useless.

DLC playlists should be a permanent feature.

I have the first 3 map packs (Limited edition). Crimson, Castle and Majestic. So that's 7 of the 9 maps I have never played and can't play for love nor money.

If anyone has the at least the first 3 map packs and wants to add me to play them then please add me as a friend. BEFORE you do that though send me a message referecing this post and the DLC or I will just decline the friend request. There's no point having Halo 4 friends who have different content than I do.


I own all the DLC's. Feel free to FR me and i'll play.

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