Need new weapons

Hey guys I've been wondering if anyone can tell me where to get a good sword. I'm in blighttown and at soul level 33. All I have is the Drake Sword and I don't want to use just that weapon.


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Agastora Straight Sword. Crystal Swords. Zweihander.

Be wary about any and all crystal equipment. There is no way to really repair them unless you spend the amount and resources to upgrade once it gets low.

Where is the Agastora straight sword and zweihander? I have one crystal sword(i love it!).

Zweihander is in the graveyard just beyond Firelink. Astora Straight Sword is, I think, in Valley of Drakes. Might have to check up on that one.

It is. There is also a good shield there. It protects against fire. Grab as many things as you can, because if you die, the dragon will still be alert and you will not be able to get close.

Thabks guys. I really appreciate it.

Iatio can be upgraded to a good few elements and its kinda quick

zweihander is one of the strongest in game with a low req, upgrading black knight sword can do good as well

Grrr I can't get black knights to drop anything other than various tianite shards >:(