Need new friends.

My boyfriend and I are looking to make a few new friends that we can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with. We currently play the game with my boyfriends mom,  2 others, and soon our kids and  would be great to add some people to the game.  We will accept guys and ladies are very welcome too(nothing like a group of women killing some guys). We hope to carry this over to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. 

We are not looking for people that sit there and have to use quick scoping, noob tubing, or knifing all the time. We are not looking for people that are at about our skill level so that the game is more fun...which we are not very good. We would like some people that will play with us on a regular basis not just once a week then disappear. Maturity is also a major thing as well...we dont want any little kids or grown ups that act like kids( We have enough of those at home). Most of all to have fun and chat with. You must send my boyfriend a friend request or I will not accept you.

If you can do that stuff then send me a friends request as well my boyfriend Please send a message that you found this post in the forums so that way we know you understand this. Thanks!


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I wouldnt mind some new friends :) can add me if you want^^

you can go to   social networking for gamers there you can find other gamers and chat with them in real time. see what games they play and get input from the community!

a few of us at new site called mancave  , it's a site aimed at gamer parents and despite the name mums are also welcome :)..maybe have to look at updating the site name at some



add me

i need some friends please add me punkyfish76